Charter school will not open this year

Although only 10 students enrolled this year - not enough to operate the school - Rite of Passage officials are hopeful that at least 24 will enroll next year and Charter Pathways High School will be able to open for session.

"We just didn't have enough time to do it," said Rite of Passage Director of Education John Fry. "I'm sure we'll generate enough enrollment by next year to operate our school."

The charter school, which would serve at-risk boys, was not approved until late in August, just in time for school to start.

Fry said he will continue to work with the school district, the community and with juvenile probation to find students for the school.

"So far, there's been so many people who have been really supportive," Fry said.

The school would serve as an added level between an alternative high school and juvenile detention. He said he did not realize how badly the school was needed until the scheduled opening was postponed.

He said he received several calls from parents who are desperate to find a structured environment for their wayward sons.

"Some parents are really disappointed," he said.

The charter school will receive $4,310 from the state for each student who attends the school-the same amount the public schools receive per student.

Charter schools are independent of the district and receive funding from the state.

Pathways Charter will receive students in two ways. Parents can either send them there or a judge can assign them to the school as an alternative to detention.

Fry said he plans to work out a system with the juvenile probation department where teens are referred to the school and have to demonstrate a determined amount of progress before they are allowed to return to the traditional school system.

Nevada's charter law allows a school to be gender-specific when targeting at-risk youth but it may not always just serve males.

"We're not discounting the idea to eventually include the female population as well," Fry said.

Charter school students will have to complete the same standards as the rest of the district including the proficiency exam as a requirement for graduation.


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