District releases schedule for upcoming standardized tests

Students should sleep well, eat well and - most importantly - show up for big tests, said Associate Superintendent Dorothy Todd of the Carson City School District.

Carson City eighth-graders will take the first standardized test next Wednesday and Thursday for the statewide writing test.

"The writing test is state-mandated to determine how our students are doing," Todd said.

The TerraNova tests are national tests given to all fourth-, eighth- and tenth-graders in Nevada and in many other states.

"We can see where our students rank in comparison with other kids across the nation at the same time," Todd said. "It's like a barometer to see how we're doing."

The following is a schedule for the standardized tests to be administered in September and October.

Sept. 20-21: Eighth-grade writing tests.

Oct. 2-6: TerraNova Assessment at Eagle Valley Middle School.

Oct. 16-20: TerraNova Assessment for fourth-graders.

Oct. 16-23: TerraNova Assessment at Carson High School.

Oct. 17-19: TerraNova Assessment at Carson Middle School.

Oct. 10: High School Proficiency Exam in reading.

Oct. 11: High School Proficiency Exam in writing.

Oct. 12: High School Proficiency Exam in math.


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