Fishing report for week of 10/25

Monster brown in Mammoth area

Special Note: Those waters marked with an "-" will close to fishing on Oct. 31.

LAKE ALMANOR: No report.

LAKE ALPINE: No report.

BLUE LAKES (UPPER AND LOWER): Dave Kirby of the Woodfords General Store said the two lakes are still good but the weather has been chilly.

Upper Blue Lake: Still producing good fishing for anglers using inflated nightcrawlers or Power Bait, just off the bottom.

Lower Blue Lake: Four anglers, who camped overnight, limited out on both Saturday and Sunday with nice rainbows on rainbow Power Bait.


- BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR: Andrew Sears of Ken's Sporting Goods Store reported, "The reservoir is still low and the fishing is slow."

CAPLES LAKE: No report.


East Carson: Very low and clear. Fly fishermen were doing the best. They were using dry flies in the early mornings or after the sun went down. Bait fishermen struggling to catch fish.

West Carson: Same report as for the East Carson River. Frank Fletcher of Carson City caught a 3-pound rainbow on salmon eggs on the 17th. He had two others in the 1-pound class.

CRATER LAKE (Near Kit Carson Pass): No report.

- CONVICT LAKE AND CONVICT CREEK: David DeSurra of the Convict Lake Resort reported, "The Fall Trout derby will run through Oct. 31 with prizes totaling $4,500 to be awarded."

Convict Lake: Nick Plotnikoff of Glendale, Calif., caught the following Alpers rainbows with a Pistol Pete lure: 8.89 pounds, 6.86, 5.84, 2.48, 2.23 and 2.0. He caught one-third of the biggest trout and weighed in at the Convict Lake Resort for the week.

Convict Creek: The largest trout were a 4.35 pound Alpers on a yellow Curlie Tail and a 2.47 pound Alpers on a nightcrawler.

- CROWLEY LAKE: Reported great fishing while trolling down Crooked Creek. Special regs of only artificial flies or lures with barbless hooks. Flies: Streamers or Midge patterns. Lures: Thomas Buoyant or Rapalas.

DAVIS LAKE: Reported good fishing for most anglers. Average fish have been 16-17 inches. Fairview, Mallard, Camp Five and Eagle Point have been the best areas for shore fishermen with nightcrawlers or Power Bait. Trollers have been using Woolly Worm flies or Needlefish lures with 1.5 colors of lead core line in shallow water with 120 feet of line behind the boats. Fly fishermen have been using sinking lines with cinnamon, olive or black Woolly Bugger flies.

EAGLE LAKE: No report.

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR: Fishing reported to be great in all areas of the lake. Boaters trolling in the Turkey Point and Dam areas were catching rainbows, up to 3 pounds. Limits of large trout were being caught near the boat launch by trolling nightcrawlers behind flashers or lead core line. A 5.57 pound, 23.5 inch rainbow taken at the dam by Zander Budge of Reno, age 14.

FROG LAKE: No report.

HEENAN LAKE: Will close on Oct. 29.


- HOOVER WILDERNESS AREA: West of Bridgeport, Calif.: No report.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Starting to improve. One angler on Saturday caught 4 rainbows in the 2-3 pound class. He was jigging with yellow-white tail Maribou jigs.

Summit Lake, above Indian Creek Reservoir, still good for fly fishermen. Best in the early morning or late evening.


Grant Lake: Bait fishermen were using green or orange Power Bait. Boaters were trolling 4-6 colors of leadcore line with Needlefish lures. Spincasters were throwing red/gold Thomas Buoyant or Super Duper lures.

Gull Lake: A report of a 10-pound, 14-ounce rainbow on a red/gold Thomas Buoyant lure, a 9-pound rainbow on Power Bait and an 8-pound rainbow on an inflated nightcrawler.

June Lake: Best time was early morning for surface fishing with Roostertail, Rapala or Thomas Buoyant lures.

Silver Lake: Olive Matuka or black or brown Woolly Bugger flies were producing fish.

Rush Creek: Worms or salmon eggs were working well.

- KIRMAN (CARMEN) LAKE: No report.



- LUNDY LAKE: No report.


George Lake: Good for Hornberg, green or olive Woolly Bugger flies, gold Kastmaster or red/gold Thomas Buoyant lures, worms or orange Power Bait.

Mamie Lake: Draining lake. No report.

Mary Lake: Ryan Denos, age 19, of Yucaipa, Calif., caught a 15.52 pound German brown trout out of Mary Lake Creek with a yellow/white Trout Teaser lure. The huge trout was weighed at the Convict Lake Resort.

Twin Lake: Closed.

Mammoth Creek: Best for worms, salmon eggs, Trout Teaser lures or small spinners.


NORTH POND: No report.


Benton Crossing (Up): No report.

Benton Crossing (Down): No report.


PYRAMID LAKE: No report.

RED LAKE: No report.

SACRAMENTO RIVER: According to Kirk Portocarrero of Redding. Calif.,

Anderson: Anglers putting in full days. They are picking up a few, but large fish. River is at 6,300 C.F.S. Salmon are ranging in size from 18 to 40 pounds. Boaters are using Flatfish lures wrapped with sardines and bouncing roe.

Redding to Anderson: Fishing for rainbow trout is productive most days. Early mornings is the best. Anglers are catching 10-20 fish per day. Spin and fly gear being used. Glo-Bugs, Wee Warts and Flatfish lures are producing fish.

SILVER LAKE: No report.

SHASTA LAKE:No report.

- SOUTH-NORTH-INTAKE 2-SABRINA-BISHOP CREEK (WEST OF BISHOP): Gary Olson of the Bishop Creek Resorts checked in with this report, "This will be the last full week of the season."

North Lake and Intake No. 2 Lake: Fishing picked up and was great over the weekend. Reports of some nice Alpers Trophy Rainbows coming out in the 4-5 pound range. Best bait was nightcrawlers or a tube jug with a mealworm.

Sabrina Lake: No report.

South Lake: Largest trout were a 9-pound, 5-ounce Alpers with green Power Bait, an 8-pound, 14-ounce rainbow with a Trout Trap lure and an 8-pound, 8-ounce Alpers on a Yo-Zuri lure.

Bishop Creek: Most of the fishermen have been having a ball. Nightcrawlers and salmon eggs have been the most productive. A lot of big fish have been coming out. The water level is low which made for great fishing.

Backcountry: With the early snow, there were not a lot of hikers. The hiking was cold and there were reports of calf-deep snow at Bishop Pass.


LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters reported, "We're catching mostly Mackinaw trout with an occasional rainbow. On Sunday, four anglers caught their limits of eight Macks, up to 8 pounds. We are tagging and releasing the smaller ones. We've been trolling 250-550 feet deep in the area in front of Carnelian Bay and King's Beach. We are using Herring Dodger flasher blades with either live minnows or pearl Apex lures."



- LOWER TWIN LAKE: No report.

- UPPER TWIN LAKE: No report.


WALKER LAKE: Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services said, "We could not get on the lake on Sunday due to a cold, very high wind. The lake was really churning. When boaters can get out, they are catching about 3-4 fish per day. Two shore anglers at The Cliffs caught a couple of 4.25 pounders with minnows and Power bait. Fishing is still on the slow side."


East Walker River (Nev.): Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services reported, "The "Elbow" area is still good for rainbows and an occasional German brown on Panther-Martin or Roostertail lures or with Power Eggs or nightcrawlers."

- East Walker River (Calif.): Continues to be good fishing even though it is low. Flowing at 40 C.F.S. Best for "Fly Guys" using Nymphs or streamers.

West Walker River (Nev.): No report.

- West Walker River (Calif.): Low and clear. Continues to be good for bait fishermen, spincasters and flycasters. Lots of average sized trout. Best with salmon eggs, nightcrawlers,small spinners or mosquito flies.

- Little Walker River: Low and clear. Very good fishing for small rainbows and brookies on worms or red salmon eggs near the U.S.F.S. Obsidian Campground.

WEBER RESERVOIR: Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services reported, "Access to the reservoir is now open but check on current fishing conditions and restrictions at the Schurz Smoke Shop on U.S. 95."

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR: Dennis Dunn of the Wildhorse Resort said, "They are doing pretty good for rainbows, right now, and the browns are beginning to pick up. The trout are being caught on either worms with a piece of corn or orange Roostertail lures. Our temps have been down into the teens at night."




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