Fishing report for week of August 30: 12 pound catfish at Wildhorse

LAKE ALMANOR: No report.

LAKE ALPINE: Was planted with 1,000 pounds of trophy sized rainbow trout last Thursday. Some anglers reported limits of fish on worms.

BLUE LAKES (UPPER AND LOWER): Dave Kirby of the Woodfords General Store said that fishing continues to be good at both lakes. Best for shore fishermen using Power Bait or inflated worms. Lower Sunset Lake: A limit of Eastern brook trout (1-2 pounds) for a boater trolling with Ford Fender flasher blades and worms.

BOCA RESERVOIR: Dick "Father" Murphy of Fishing with Father Murphy advised fishermen to troll for Kokanee salmon in the middle of the reservoir at a depth of 25-35 feet. The best area is between the white cliffs and the east bank for Kokanee salmon.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR: Jim Reid of Ken's Sporting Goods Store reported, "It is kind of slow right now. It has tapered off. Still catching fish at Buckeye Bay but not as red hot as last week. They are catching some nice trout up to about 3 pounds. Best results are by stillfishing from boats with Power Bait or nightcrawlers."

CAPLES LAKE: Dave Kirby of the Woodfords General Store said that it was a quiet weekend. Not much action for the shore fishermen.

CARSON RIVERS (EAST AND WEST) IN CALIF.: Dave Kirby of the Woodford's Station reported, "Both rivers are extremely low and fishing is a real challenge. The fish are very spooky."

East Carson River: Three anglers fished the Trophy Section over the weekend. They caught and released 40-45 trout. Mostly rainbows (1-2 pounds) with some German browns. They were using dry flies early and late in the day. One of the anglers fished deep in the deep pools with a Maribou jig.

West Carson River: No report. Extremely low and very clear.

CRATER LAKE (Near Kit Carson Pass): No report.


Convict Lake: No report.

Convict Creek: No report.

CROWLEY LAKE: No report.

DAVIS LAKE: No report.

EAGLE LAKE: Dave Meserve of the Eagle Lake Marina checked in with this report, "Fishing continues to be great! More anglers are fishing from the Eagle Lake Marina Jetty with increasing success. Nightcrawlers are the bait of choice. Trolling and stillfishing from boats is the most productive. Using nightcrawlers and various Needlefish lures. Some reports of success trolling flies. Average size is 2-3.5 pounds. Some trout are in the 4-5 pound range."

Feather River: No report.

FRENCHMAN RESERVOIR: According to Wiggin's Trading Post at Chilcoot, Calif., "Fishing is improving on a daily basis. Seeing limits of all sizes, regularly. On Aug. 26, Diedra Johnson of Carson City caught a 3-pound, 21-inch rainbow on salmon eggs off shore at the Spring Creek Campground. One angler trolling Needlefish lures caught a limit that weighed 10 pounds totally."

HEENAN LAKE: Closed until the Friday before Labor Day.


HOOVER WILDERNESS AREA: West of Bridgeport: West Lake was reporting good fishing for mostly Eastern brook and an occasional German brown from shore with Power Bait or from float tubes or inflatable rafts with assorted flies or small lures. East Lake was also reporting good fishing. Mostly small rainbows and Eastern brook from shore with Power Bait or from float tubes or inflatable rafts with assorted flies or small lures.



Grant Lake: No report.

Gull Lake: No report.

June Lake: No report.

Silver Lake: No report.

Rush Creek: No report.



LUNDY LAKE: No report.


George Lake: No report.

Mamie Lake: No report.

Mary Lake: No report.

Twin Lakes: No report.

Mammoth Creek: No report.


NORTH POND: No report.


Benton Crossing (Up): No report.

Benton Crossing (Down): No report.


PYRAMID LAKE: Is now closed until Oct. 1.

RED LAKE: No report.

SACRAMENTO RIVER: According to Kirk Portocarrero of Redding Calif., "The Anderson area is seeing limits some days, other days not. Working hard to bring in a catch. Salmon are bright chrome in color. Ranging in size from 12 to 30 pounds. Using Flatfish lures with sardine wrap and bouncing roe. In the Redding to Anderson area: Fishing for rainbows is good. Early mourning and afternoon. 15-25 fish days on spin and fly gear. Glo-Bugs, Wee-Warts and Flatfish lures are working best."

SILVER LAKE: No report.

SHASTA LAKE: No report.

SOUTH-NORTH-INTAKE 2-BISHOP CREEK (WEST OF BISHOP): Gary Olson of the Bishop Creek Resorts checked in with this report: "There is a feeling of fall in the air. We are just starting to see some color change in the trees and brush. It looks like an early color season for this year."

South Lake: The fishing has been excellent. Almost anything green is bringing in fish. Trolling with a green Woolly Bugger fly has been deadly. Dave Davis flasher blades with Rapala lures have been equally good. We are seeing a lot of German browns coming out. This is probably due to the Fall-like weather. Shore fishing has been very good with salmon eggs or green Power Bait.

North Lake and Intake No. 2: Fishing has continued to be great at both lakes. Green Power Bait or Sierra Gold seem to be the best baits right now. Salmon eggs or nightcrawlers are catching a lot of fish. Spincasters are using gold Kastmaster or red/gold Thomas Buoyant lures. Fly fishing is wonderful with Caddis, green Matuka or Woolly Bugger flies.

Sabrina Lake: A lot of action with Rapala lures or Dave Davis flasher blades with a nightcrawler. Fishing from shore with Power Bait is very effective.

Bishop Creek: Biggest fish were a 4-pound, 9-ounce rainbow taken on rainbow Power Bait and a 4-pound, 8-ounce rainbow caught with salmon eggs. One group of fishermen came in with nice stringers using Velveeta cheese and salmon eggs.

Weir Pond: A nice 4-pound, 13-ounce Alper's trophy rainbow trout on a green Woolly Bugger fly on Saturday.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR: Dick "Father" Murphy of "Fishing with Father Murphy" advised fishermen to troll at a depth of 40-50 feet from the boat ramp to the "big island" early in the morning and then later, to move to the front of the dam. The Kokanee salmon are running 1-1.5 pounds in the 15-16 inch class.

LAKE TAHOE - North Shore: Mickey Daniels of Mickey's Big Mack Charters reported, "We're still catching nice Mackinaw trout on each trip, up to 7 pounds. We are tagging and releasing the smaller ones. We've been trolling 250-550 feet deep in the area in front of Carnelian Bay and King's Beach. We are using Herring Dodger flasher blades with either live minnows or pearl Apex lures."

LAKE TAHOE - SOUTH SHORE: Jack Martin of the Sportsmen's Sporting Goods Store at South Lake Tahoe checked in and said, "Fishing continues to be good for Kokanee salmon all the way from Elk Point on the Nevada side to the mouth of Emerald Bay on the California side. Lots of easy limits. They are trolling 40-65 feet deep with Al Wilson flasher blades with an Imperial Magic spoon and a kernel of white corn. The best time is from 5:15 to 9 each morning.

TOPAZ LAKE: Chuck Fields of the Topaz Marina gave this report, "It is still quiet just like last week's report. Not catching anything. Not very many fishermen. The water level is still going down. It will continue to go down for another couple of weeks. About all we have to report is lots of jet skis and water skiers."


UPPER TWIN LAKE: Jim Wilkins reported, "With water temperatures decreasing, the fishing is imp[roving with some larger fish beginning to show up. There was a 4-pound, 12-ounce rainbow taken on a brown Woolly Bugger fly from a float tube. A 4-pound, 4-ounce rainbow was caught on rainbow glitter Power Bait. The best baits are Power Bait or nightcrawlers and the best


Virginia Lakes: No report.

Virginia Creek: No report.

WALKER LAKE: Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services said, "Fishing is picking up every week. The trollers are catching fish right now. Some are limiting out. The best fishing is from Sand Point to the Cliffs. They are trolling in a zig-zag pattern, 30-45 feet deep, with various Tor-P-Do lures or live minnows. The cutthroat are running up to about 4 pounds. Best time is 5-9 a.m. before it gets hot."


East Walker River (Nev.): Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services reported, "The "Elbow" area is currently rated as slow. An occasional rainbow or German brown on Panther-Martin or Roostertail lures or with Power Eggs or nightcrawlers."

East Walker River (Calif.): Was flowing at 250 C.F.S. Nothing huge but good for fly fishermen with Nymphs.

West Walker River (Nev.): No report.

West Walker River (Calif.): Continues to be still good for everyone: bait fishermen, spincasters and fly fishermen. Lots of average sized trout up to about 1 pound.

Little Walker River: Good fishing for small rainbows and brookies on worms near Obsidian Campground.

WEBER RESERVOIR: Bob Tompkins of the Walker Lake Guide Services reported, "Access to the reservoir at the present time has been blocked off by the tribe."

WILDHORSE RESERVOIR: Dennis Dunn of the Wildhorse Resort said, "It is beginning to cool off, up here. We've been down to 31 degrees in the mornings with a touch of frost. Everyone is filling up on fish. Some fishermen checked in Monday morning with easy limits of nice sized rainbows taken on flasher blades and worms after just several hours of trolling. Josh Ferguson of Carlin caught a 12 pound Channel catfish with a gob of worms on Saturday. The rainbows, smallmouth bass and perch are all hitting."




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