Forest Service gives green light for gravel pit near Gardnerville Ranchos

The U.S. Forest Service has given the green light for the operation of a gravel pit near the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Carson District Ranger Gary Schiff found the Dresslerville Pit will have no significant impact on the environment.

The decision will allow continued operation of the pit, located near the Ranchos.

Material removal will be allowed on 18 acres of the 75 acres covered under the assessment. Douglas County will be allowed to operate one-third of the area while the other 12 acres will be advertised for commercial operations.

Any commercial operation would have a two-year contract with a possible one-year extension.

The Forest Service will rehabilitate the remainder of the site.

"By implementing this alternative, we will be able to accomplish multiple goals." Schiff said. "This alternative will reduce the size of the pit while allowing a small amount of material to be removed and will allow us to move toward returning it to a more natural contour and setting.

"This alternative will also allow for motorcycle use. However, it will be focused on specific trails and in specific areas. It is our intention to move forward on rehabilitating non-designated trails or use areas. Also, by having a presence in the area, we anticipate having fewer law enforcement problems."

Individuals wishing to appeal this decision must do so by Oct. 15. For information, contact Ed DeCarlo, Carson Ranger District, 1536 S. Carson St., Carson City, Nevada 89701 or call (775) 882-2766.


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