From the Candidate: Candidate has dream for Nevada's schools, students

I'm running for reelection to the Nevada State Board of Education because I want to continue my efforts to improve public education throughout all of Nevada.

What I Believe

Dr. Jonas Salk, the famous medical researcher, said, "Our dreams tell us what to do, our reason tells us how to do it."

I have a dream. A dream that Nevada public schools become the envy of the nation. That all children in Nevada schools are fully prepared to meet the challenge of the next grade when they start the new school year. That all students graduating from Nevada high schools are fully proficient in language, math, science, social studies and the other core subjects.

Unfortunately, too many children who are not ready are advanced to the next grade for the sake of expediency instead of directly addressing their problems. Also, too many graduating high school students are not fully proficient in core subjects particularly language, math and science. This means they have to be remediated before going into college or into the work force.

I believe that our children deserve the very best education that we can provide for them. Also, I believe that the new Nevada standards are critical to improving our public schools. These new standards and tests bring an accountability to the system that never existed before. Now we must make sure that all students achieve these standards, that all teachers instruct to these standards and that all administrators expect their schools to perform to these standards.

We Must

1. Successfully evaluate and remediate all students who are identified as falling behind in mastering classroom curriculum based on the new Statewide Academic Standards.

2. Provide early intervention for students needing to help by fully remediating students having difficulty on any part of statewide tests given in the third, fourth, fifth, eighth and 10th grades.

To Reach Our Goals

- We need to ask and expect more from students, parents, teachers and administrators; NOT expect less.

- We need to address problems directly; NOT pretend that they don't exist.

- We need to continue moving forward; NOT step backwards

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Dave Cook is the incumbent candidate for Nevada State Board of Education, District 3B, South Washoe County, Carson City, Douglas County, South Lyon County and Storey County.


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