Gambler identified as rape suspect by victims

A detective testified in El Dorado Superior Court Wednesday three women identified Edwin Carlevato as the man who attacked them.

Carlevato, a 47-year-old former poker dealer at a casino in Jackson, Calif., is charged with 11 felony counts stemming from the kidnap and rape of two women and the attempted kidnap of another.

Two of the woman identified Carlevato in a physical lineup, the other picked the avid gambler out of a photo lineup, said South Lake Tahoe Police Detective Brian Williams.

Six men took part in the lineup. All of the them wore orange jumpsuits and were required to sit in front of a two-way mirror and speak lines the attacker reportedly said the night of the assaults.

Wednesday marked the last day of testimony in the trial, which took a break for the holidays until Jan. 8.


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