Gore's son arrested for reckless driving in North Carolina

CURRITUCK, N.C. - Vice President Al Gore's son has a court date in North Carolina to face charges of speeding and reckless driving.

Albert Gore III, 17, was arrested and charged Aug. 12 with driving 97 mph in a 55 mph zone and reckless driving, said 1st Sgt. A.C. Joyner of the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

He was driving on a state highway in a rural, sparsely populated area along the Outer Banks just south of Norfolk, Va., authorities said.

Camille Johnston, a spokeswoman for Tipper Gore, said Saturday that the teen-ager was alone at the time and was heading home to Washington after a family vacation.

The Gore family vacationed on Figure Eight Island farther south along the North Carolina coast near Wilmington in early August.

''The Gores are dealing with this as a family matter,'' Johnston said.

A court hearing was for scheduled Sept. 13. Possible punishment for the charges would be a fine and loss of driving privileges in North Carolina as determined by the judge.

Joyner said Gore was cooperative during the arrest.


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