Goss steers his way to win with broken hand

Al Goss (3) maneuvered his way inside of Gene Lepire Jr. (8) in the sportsman main event to win a quickly run 35-lap main event on Saturday night.

Now, here's the real story of the race. Goss steered his way to victory wearing a cast on his right hand from a broken bone suffered while driving at Silver State Raceway a few weeks ago.

Lepire took the early lead in the race in the No. 8 car usually driven by Scott Bohemier. After about seven laps, the left rear rotor on Lepire's car began to glow from overuse of the rear brakes. Goss noticed this and used it to his advantage.

"All of a sudden I noticed sparks coming from Lepire's car and then noticed the rotor was glowing," Goss said. "So I figured I would just be patient and keep a smooth line until I saw an opening. Then I saw a chance to go on the inside line and I took it. Being patient and smooth worked out real well."

Goss quickly added thanks to some good support.

"I have to thank my sponsors Sierra Racing and Quick Silver Racing. They've been real good to me," Goss said. "And a special thank you to Dean Heller. I had problems with my spark plugs and he just happened to pick up a new set and one plug wire today, and let me have them. He's a great guy."

Dave Sciarroni (25) used a good run to finish second in the main, while Lepire took third. Rounding out the field were Chet Danburg (3x), Tom Waters (60), Dave Lester (34), C.J. Bawden (37), Rafael Gomez (2x), Stuart Moon (00), Dean Heller (27), Henry Hodges Jr. (89), Virgil Miller (21), Craig Paulsen (65), Frank Sanfelipo (29).

Bawden, in his first outing in his own sportsman car, won the trophy dash over Danburg, Heller and Paulsen. He also won the second heat race with Paulsen in second and Danburg third. Goss won the first heat, followed by Gomez in second and Lester in third. Paulsen won the third heat, with Sciarroni in second and Goss third. Waters won the fourth heat, with Moon in second and Heller third.

Mike McMordie (77) won the 30-lap main event, which had more 3-wide racing than ever before seen in a long time. Randy Bauer (25) finished second with Bill Gould (37) taking third. Rounding out the field were Mike Fuller (44), Thom Eldridge (68), Matthew Sciarroni (98), Joel Worley (9), Allen Hunter (15), Thomas Oddone (80), Rick Garmann (74), Mike Firebaugh (8), Don Hill (81) and Russ Allred (2).

"There was a lot of battling going on behind me which let me get ahead of the rest of the field," McMordie said. "I was able to sort of cruise those last 10 laps. It was a good, fun race."

Bauer won the maverick trophy dash over Eldridge, Hill and McMordie. Worley picked up the win in the first heat race, with Oddone in second and Gould third. McMordie won the second heat, with Eldridge taking second and Hunter third. McMordie also won the third heat, with Hill in second and Fuller third. Bauer won the fourth heat, with Hunter in second and Eldridge third.

Due to high winds, motorcycle daredevil Captain Stoopid postponed his scheduled jump over 11 vehicles, landing without hands on his handlebars. He will reschedule the jump in the near future.

Points racing continues in each

division Saturday with qualifying at 6 p.m. and racing at 7:30. For information, call 885-2079 or visit www.silverstateracing.com.


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