Gov calls for investigation over federal yucca Mountain bias

Gov. Kenny Guinn wants to know who "troublesome and objectionable" portions of a Department of Energy report on the Yucca Mountain project.

The draft overview report included comments that it contains "information that potential supporters can use in expressing support for a site recommendation." It also stated that the technical suitability of Yucca Mountain is of less concern than whether the nuclear waste problem can be solved affordably "in both financial and political terms."

"Mr. Secretary, I wish to register my strongest objection to the type of conduct reflected by the language contained in these documents and I would appreciate your expeditious response to my request for information," said Guinn in a letter to Energy Secretary Bill Richardson.

Richardson has said he wants a report explaining the comments, which opponents of Yucca Mountain have said indicate a clear bias toward building the high-level nuclear dump in Nevada less than 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

Guinn's letter applauded Richardson for looking into the issues. But he said he too wants to know who authored the statements, who received copies of the draft overview and the source of money used to prepare the report.


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