Justice of the peace withdrawal will not alter candidate's strategy

An announcement by justice of the peace candidate Ron Weddell to drop out of the race will not affect candidate Bill Kreider's campaign strategy, Kreider said Monday.

"I never was going to really go out, campaign and pursue it," he said. "I'm just sort of there."

Weddell announced Friday that "strong court community support" for Justice of the Peace Robey Willis at a candidates luncheon Thursday convinced him to withdraw. Technically Weddell could still be elected because it is too late to officially withdraw and have his name removed from the ballot.

The three sat together for the first time at the luncheon to introduce themselves to voters and members of the Carson City Area Chamber of Commerce.

It was suggested by audience members that Kreider was asked to run by City Clerk Alan Glover to draw support away from Weddell's campaign. Kreider said he was asked to run by someone other than Glover, but that the person wished to remain anonymous.

He said his real intention for getting in the race was to challenge Weddell's use of his candidacy to promote his own litigation and grand jury petition against city officials, including Willis.

Kreider took exception to Weddell's approach to the race.

"For anyone to badmouth our judicial system or use it for personal purposes gripes me," he said.

Kreider said he doesn't plan to spend any money on his campaign, or print any signs.

"You know that little Holland kid with his finger in the dike," he said. "That's me. I will just be there."


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