Letter: Appeal puts some sunshine in her life

August is usually a dull month. However, the Appeal has put a lot of sunshine into my life, I tell you!

First of all, the apology by Jeff Ackerman was beautifully done and reminded me of the time I had a bunch of statements on my desk and an irate customer called me to read me the riot act. As he ranted on and on I scribbled, "This guy is a jerk" on an innocent person's statement. Next statement time, my student employee, seeing no change on our customer's statement balance, just photostated the statement and mailed it. Well, needless to say, this customer called and was irate upon irate and he demanded to know why we considered him "a jerk." Well, after the millionth apology, I had to clearly underline the statement. So I know well what tiny errors can balloon into.

So, Jeff, your paper is great. You do a great, great job 99 percent of the time so let it roll.

Also, I want to say that Bob Thomas' walk through memory lane on Carson's great restaurants not only brought me grief at the loss of these especially grand restaurants, but sent my senses soaring. And another great restaurant he forgot to mention is still serving the greatest most delicious food, is Mia's Swiss Restaurant that just moved down the road a bit to Dayton, and that great chef Max Kuerzi is still making those gastronomical titillations called "good food."

All of us must learn that our fast paced life has brought great changes to many services and this "give it to me now" society has to allow for the "rush." When we have to rush to meet the demands of the public, we will always make "misteaks."




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