Letter: Bonnie Parnell does the job for this trio

So many times it becomes necessary to write to complain about certain situations or people. This time it is our pleasure to thank someone for doing their job the way it was meant to be done.

Our thanks goes to Bonnie Parnell, Assemblywoman for the 40th District. A number of times in the past year or so we had occasion to call on Bonnie for assistance. In every instance, she got back to us as quickly as possible, talked to us about our problem and immediately followed up to resolve it.

She is one public servant you can count on every time. If we were in her voting district, we would cast our vote for her in a minute.

All too often our elected officials forget who they are working for, but not Bonnie Parnell. Thank you again Bonnie.

By the way, we are all lifetime Republicans.



Carson City


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