Letter: Bryan doesn't belong with 'public servant'

Well, it was only a matter of time before someone used the name Richard Bryan and the characterization of "public servant" in the same sentence, although I thought it would most likely happen in that printed rag in Reno. Jeff Ackerman, however, leapt into the breach, extolling the "virtues" of the senator.

I do not know Sen. Bryan personally, nor I might add do I care to know him. It's this thing about a "public servant" defending the amoral President along with he established corruption of both of the Clintons and their handyman Alpha (or is it back to Beta) Gore? Politics can be a dirty business, and contemporarily, there are none dirtier than the above named along with Harry Reid who got his "whip" title because of it. It works the same on both sides of the aisle.

But back to the public servant thing, syndicated columnist Brent Boisell once confessed that he would probably puke if anyone referred to a Washington politician as a public servant. They get into politics for the power (and money) that go with it. It's that simple.

In passing, does anyone remember how the Harry Reids along with the non-religious left excoriated Governor Bush for bearing his moral compass as a function of his religious convictions? Well, where are these hypocrites now that Sen. Lieberman is being cloaked in religious garb?

Remember also how the Harry Reids spent several days digging up and miscasting the prior legislative conduct of Dick Cheney, and they haven't' stopped yet! Contrast that with the Republican reception of the Connecticut senator whom they describe in friendly, if not glowing, terms and as one observer noted, "Perhaps he can lift Gore up." It was also observed that had Leiberman been the vice president rather than Gore, he likely would have resigned, unlike Gore who after the impeachment of the president rushed to his side, praising Clinton as the greatest president ever!

That little farce says much more about Gore than it does about Clinton, and keep in mind that this election is between Bush and Gore, not Cheney and Lieberman.

Guess who Sen. Bryan shall endorse, rather than cleansing himself from the stench of Clinton-Gore. Public servant indeed.




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