Letter: Bush headline was vote-seeking attack

I was truly appalled by the headline so prominently displayed in your newspaper on Monday Aug. 7, "Bryan: if Bush elected Nevada nuked."

Neither our lame-duck Senator Bryan nor your reporter have any factual knowledge as to how Gov. George Bush might react to legislation presented that called for storage of nuclear waste in Nevada.

To conjecture that a nuclear storage site in Nevada would become a reality in six to eight months following a Bush win in the forthcoming election can only be deemed a partisan, vote-seeking attack. To further allude to hypothetical transport accident scenarios and consequences thereof, is a loosely veiled scare tactic intended to bolster an unsubstantiated claim.

It was further stated that V.P. Al Gore has summarily promised to veto any such legislation should he (God forbid) become president. Well, we all know Al Gore's record of constantly shifting for personal gain if the situation so warrants.

If Senator Bryan is so concerned about Nevada's nuclear storage future, why is he vacating his powerful position in the Senate? It would seem that he would better serve the people of Nevada by staying the course and continuing his anti-nuke campaign.


Carson City


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