Letter: Bush is the one for loggers, nukes

George W. Bush - he's the one for me. When his father was president, we had the Gulf War. For 48 hours, CNN had live broadcast of what was going on "over there." Not only did our boys/men come home, they brought back their very own disabling illness/syndrome.

Why would I want another boring Democrat in office? Besides peace and prosperity, the only thing Clinton ever gave us to get excited about was his inability to keep his pants zipped.

We need more excitement in our lives. Give me a reason to be angry, to hate those who do not look like me or think the same way. I want justification to use the arms I have the right to bear.

Joy and peace are for Polyannas. George W will give the oil companies drilling rights in national parks, loggers more access to old growth trees, keep women in their place, send jobs overseas, eliminate the middle class, allow big business to continue polluting our environment, etc. Maybe we will even get to store nuclear waste in Nevada. In other words, he will be a great president.




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