Letter: Candidate already has a full-time state job

Mr. Tatro might be a good mayor - if he didn't have a full-time position with the state of Nevada.

He says he plans to work both positions if he is elected mayor. No one can handle both positions with a full eight-hour workday at his state job. If he plans to take hours off from his state job, he should resign it instead - or perhaps the job he holds with the state does not require a full-time person. Why should the taxpayers pay him two full salaries when he will be a part-time mayor and a part-time state employee?

Carson City needs a full-time mayor. The mayor is to be available to his constituents - does Mr. Tatro think he should take their telephone calls or personal visits at his state job or make them wait for a response until it is convenient for him? The mayor chairs the meetings of the board of supervisors - a full day twice a month- will someone else have to do Mr. Tatro's state job while he's out of his office?

The mayor serves on various committees and meets with constituents - will everyone be expected to adjust their schedules to suit Mr. Tatro? And what about the hours of study required on various issues and time to prepare for decisions? All of that on state time? And what about time with his family? And just what entitles Mr. Tatro to say that we have not had leadership with Mayor Ray Masayko. I say, stay with Ray!

Come on, Mr. Tatro, you can't have it both ways. Do justice to one job or the other. What you're asking of the citizens who need access to the mayor and of the taxpayers just is not reasonable or fair.


Carson City


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