Letter: Candidates aren't giving enough information

I have found it quite frustrating in this election year being a newcomer to the state of Nevada and Carson City. The candidates statewide and local with the exception of the the current mayor of Carson City, do not provide detailed profiles of themselves, accomplishments or goals for the offices they are running for or currently in.

An example is Jim Gibbons. I have written him on a subject of health care not being available to those without funds or little funds, he sends months later a form letter with nothing to do with my question except how he voted. This was on elder care. I responded back with another letter and have heard nothing.

The health care system in the state is a disgrace to humanity. The selfishness and bigotry that encompases this state and especially the Carson City community can only be described as shameful.

But back to the politicians. Many mailings went out to voters from politicians, they said nothing. The mailings sounded great, but were primarily asking for money. One of these was Richard Staub. I am not sure if he and other politicians see voters as ignorant with no regard to the issues or what exactly the job descripitons are for the office they are running for entails.

Their were no profiles of the candidates given from either the newspapers or the candidates themselves. I must commend Mayor Ray Masayko on his on hands style of working with his constituents. e works for the people and I found his personal calls to his constituents to be refreshing and honest. He truly understands that he is working at his job because the people put him there not himself.

I have found that people in this state and area take it for granted that everyone know everything. It is wrong for anyone to assume that something is general knowledge on any subject. Information should always be put out in the community through whatever ways necessary. This is especially true in regards to politics/candidates. One cannot make an informed decision to vote without information. It is the job of not only the candidate, but all forms of media in an unbiased manner to get the information needed to make and informed decision to vote.


Carson City


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