Letter: Carson City would not be properly served by part-time mayor

Similar to other letter writers, I believe Carson City residents would not be properly served by a part-time mayor, even though "officially" the position is "part-time."

Tom Tatro receiving two salaries - one from the State of Nevada and one from Carson City - is not proper or fair to either entity. His position with the state is a full-time job, but he indicates his supervisor would allow him time off at any time. Are all full-time state workers able to take time off any time, receive their state salary and another salary from the city?

Why should he be treated in a special manner? What if his presence is required at the same time by both jobs? Which would take priority? And what about conflict of interest?

If a candidate has a full-time job in a private business and his supervisor grants him time off to run for office, that's the concern of the private business. However, Mr. Tatro is a state employee - and I should think taxpayers have a right to expect 40 hours work for 40 hours pay.

In my opinion, Mr. Masayko has shown he is a leader. He has four years' experience as our mayor and hopefully, he will be reelected so that he can continue to work for the betterment of Carson City.




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