Letter: Carson large enough to need full mayor

To quote Dorothy Timian-Palmer: "Tom Tatro handled all these issues" (referring to issues on the Board of Supervisors) "while having two other full-time positions; one for the State of Nevada, and one as the father of two boys."

To quote Marilee Swirczek: "News flash: It is possible to manage two demanding jobs - we women have been doing that for a long time. Ask any woman who works eight hours ... and then puts in another shift at home."

I have been in both the above situations; however, I never realized that being a parent was a position or a job. I was just a mother doing what most mothers do. However, if that's the case with Mr. Tatro, he would be working three full-time positions if he were to be elected mayor: 1. state employee as manager for the Department of Motor Vehicles, an eight-hour position; 2. city mayor, a six to eight hour position and 3. father, a six to eight hour position - a total of 20 to 24 hours a day.

Carson City is no longer a small town, and it is no longer possible to hold down a full-time position and be a serviceable mayor. The mayor has to be free to meet many situations during any given day. Carson City needs a full-time mayor. I repeat: Stay With Ray.

And I would like to point out: I do not know either of the candidates so have no personal bias - other than knowing that Ray Masayko has been a dedicated and capable mayor and should be permitted to continue in the job he has performed so well.


Carson City


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