Letter: Clinton, Gore leave White House stains

This letter is in reference to the unbelievable article by J.T. Figgs. Sometimes we just have to stand up and say what is right.

The writer claims that George W. Bush at age 25 should have been accountable for something he thinks that Bush was responsible for. And how nice it must be to have money and for Daddy to push it under the rug. He ends with how honest can he be in office as president? And that we should wake up to the true facts and that when a person ran for office he should be white as the snow.

Perhaps it is time that this reader as well as others who are from this camp should wake up and see who has been president for the past eight years and who has provided us with more scandals than any other in the history of the U.S. I predict that one day in the future the truth will come out about Clinton and Gore and I think history will label them both as the worst in our political history.

Has Mr. Figgs ever heard about the Clinton Chronicles? I find it amazing that so many find it OK and acceptable for what Clinton and Gore do and are ready to crucify someone like George W. Bush. Whatever George W. Bush did when he was 25 years old is nothing compared to what Clinton and his sidekick Gore are doing today and have done over the past eight years.

I don't think you will get a picture of George in front of a statue of Ho Chi Min or visiting Communist Vietnam, a final slap in the face to all military and especially to Vietnam veterans. Ever wonder why Algore does not want the overseas military vote to count? I think it is about time someone let you in on a secret, George W. Bush and Algore have already run for the office of president and incidentally George won the election twice already. And for a nostalgic note ever wonder what happened to Howdy Doody? Look no further he is Algore's running mate. Hopefully we won't have to recount the recount just so Algore can cheat his way to the White House. It is also a good thing that his daddy is not around any longer I am sure that he taught Little Al a lot of "white as snow" tricks because as we all know Algore Senior should have been nominated for sainthood on his own merits. When the snow clears, I suggest you and those who subscribe to your kind of thinking stop and smell the roses and perhaps you will wake up to the true facts.

Who in the world would want Algore and Lieberman; Verklempt and Verklempter to run our country? If you want to compare candidates, I think your candidate would be left in the snow where he rightfully belongs along with all the dirt the Democrats have brought to the White House and the disgrace they have brought to the presidency of this great country. The first thing on George W. Bush's agenda when he becomes president is to fumigate and scrub the White House so it too will be as white as snow again.


Carson City


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