Letter: Cold-blooded driver runs down beloved pet

It really makes me sick to know that I live in a town where some people are so cold blooded that they feel they need to run down animals with their vehicles. Because of this person or persons, I will never be able to see the best friend I have ever had. His name was Zyler. He was a bull mastiff and everyone who ever saw him loved him.

He was a very friendly dog. He loved everyone, especially children. I rescued him from an abusive home, and when I got him, he was almost dead. I gave him a wonderful life, and he gave my family so much love. But now he's gone because someone out there is so sick and disturbed they need to run over animals.

Whoever it is out there who feels the needs to run over animals, you are one sick individual. You need to seek counseling and be locked up. Zyler was walking down the road, minding his own business, when someone saw him, drove past him and turned around and came back at full acceleration and hit him.

This person has no heart at all to do this to an animal, and I know I am not the only one out there. I know a lady who had her cat hit as well. It was probably the same sicko who hit my dog. Is this some kind of sport you have taken up? God will deal with you, whoever you are. I'm just wondering, though, how do you sleep at night? You're a horrible person who needs to have the same thing done to you! You better hope and pray (if you know what that means) I never, ever catch you doing this.

I would also like to add that Animal Control could care less about animals. I talked to a real heartless woman who works there about this incident. She basically told me it's not a big deal when a dog gets hit, it happens all the time. Well, I'm sorry, that's just wrong. When someone is out there killing animals on purpose ... hello, it's not OK.

I guess it all goes together. They kill animals too, so one smashed dog on the road is one less they have to deal with.

Zyler will be missed by a lot of people, and I hope he rests in peace since he was killed so violently. Carson City needs to check into this animal killing that's going on. Someone out there is getting away with murder. Animals are living and breathing just like us. They are part of peoples' families, and it's so wrong to let this killing continue.


Carson City


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