Letter: Columnist continues to contradict logic

Jay Ambrose's "Another View" of Nov. 30 continues the consistent contradictory logic of misdirection of his previous article. In last week's article he argued that we are a nation of laws whose welfare is being mitigated by "the ruin of lawyers." This week his focus is on the word "phony."

However, one of his conclusions is sound. Jay said "that a statewide recount would not be free of error ... if Bush were foolish enough to see that as a better deal than being the winner of the election under the rules established prior to election day, he would have no business being president."

You're right, however the probability of error, throughout the state of Florida, is as likely to favor Bush as it is to Gore. Only the true intention of the voters would tip the balance in such a close race. Jay conveniently forgets that the "rules" include a mandatory recount for close elections. He "forgets" that the contest period that only occurs after a certification is designed specifically to argue any and all irregularities at the voting precincts whose revue might resolve a different determination or outcome in the election.

Jay's assertion that Gore's "offer" to recount the whole state was "phony" purposefully ignores the fact that legally Gore did not have to make the offer. It was the professional responsibility of Bush's "lawyers" and advisors to make that call and, if I remember correctly, instead of filing the appropriate recount appeals in a timely manner, they were filing into Texas for their Pre-Coronation Celebration. Since, as you point out, the Bush camp did not play this card in time their alternative strategy is to stack the deck. You were right again, though. Bush has "no business being president." Actions, rather than words, have indicated that the Texas's Prince and his Court believe that the ends justify the means.

Sidenote: in that day's Nevada Appeal's Opinion Page, including the cartoon, seven of seven articles were not only favoring the Bush perspective but included emotionally biased headline's of "making rest of us suffer," "urge Gore to concede," "Bush victory more important," "Gore not kind" and, of course, "Gore's 'offer'phony." in bold expanded type. With all due respect, one might speculate that there is only one "opinion."



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