Letter: Columnist exposed as 'real technocrat'

Folks, I rest my case regarding Mr. Bob Thomas and his technocratic views on such matters as nuclear waste, aircraft design, and computer similation. The decision is yours to make as to Bob's reliability, based on the Sept. 14 issue of the Nevada Appeal and his column on page A6.

The closing paragraph of the column referred to the credibility of "Los Alamos," a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory in New Mexico discussed on page A8 of the Sept. 14 Appeal. The page-A8 article, two pages forward from Mr. Thomas' opinion column, discussed the DOE case against the "traitor" Dr. Wen Ho Lee of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Mr. Thomas is the kind of instant expert that I've encountered in the U.S. DOE during my 30 years of technical experience associated with the agency.

Perhaps Bob has worked for the DOE, I don't know. But I'm sure they would hire him now if he applied. He's their kind of guy, a real technocrat.

Dr. Charlie Malone

Carson City


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