Letter: Concerns over plan for Rolling A Ranch

As a member of the Dayton Regional Advisory Council, District 2, and a resident of Dayton, I am writing this letter to express my concern with the Rolling A Ranch decision by the county commissioners.

Several months ago the Rolling A Ranch submitted a plan that included three phases; DRAC and the county commissioners denied the plan.

Soon after, the Rolling A Ranch came back with a scaled down version. This was similar to Phase 1 of the original plan with bigger lots and a few small changes.

The DRAC board approved the plan with a suggestion that the Rolling A should address traffic and the size of the streets, especially traffic that would surely increase on River Road. The county commissioners approved the project without restrictions.

Soon after, the Rolling A again returned with Phase 2 and the DRAC board voted unanimously to deny the project without a traffic study. I stated, "This must be done to ensure we do not have problems later and Phase 3 would be coming soon so we must address this problem among others now." The county commissioners approved this project unanimously with no study to be done or any restrictions It has been suggested that the Rolling A is helping by building the new sewer system. Isn't that because we don't have the capacity for their project?

I have two concerns: 1) When traffic and the other problems are addressed, who will pay for it? 2) How can the county commissioners continue voting unanimously against what the DRAC board advises? We represent the residents who live in our districts and this is happening more and more.

As a realtor, I could profit from more homes to sell. As a resident and a DRAC member, I want to see things done right the first time and want responsible development that ensures residents don't foot the bill.




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