Letter: Cook serves well as educator, on board

Being a long-time resident of Carson City, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of our elected officials. I first encountered Dave Cook when taking an economics class through Western Nevada Community College.

My initial impression of him was of a man who loved people, loved teaching and especially loved being involved in education. Often during his lectures, he would relate the subject of economics to a broader and often overlooked part of economics, the education of our young.

Here is a man not only passionate about his subject, but one who is willing to put in countless hours serving on our state's board of education. He takes this obligation very seriously and has offered his time, his talent and his experience in this endeavor.

Dave understands the complexities of public education. He realizes that change, although difficult, is possible in a system where common sense is desperately needed. That is why he is running for reelection. He wants to continue working for the much-needed changes in Nevada's system of public education through the successful implementation of the newly developed standards and accountabilities.

I encourage everyone to look closely at the issues. I feel confident that after doing so, you will vote, as I will, for Dave Cook to continue his work on the Nevada State Board of Education.


Carson City


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