Letter: Don't sign petition if you don't agree

The Nevada Tax Fairness(?) and Quality School Funding Accountability(?) Act (SFAA for purposes of this letter) petition is currently being circulated. That's the one that proposes to impose a 4 percent tax on the Nevada taxable income of a business. Any activity conducted by a natural person shall be deemed to be a business operating in this state with a taxable income that exceeds $50,000.

Have you read the SFAA?

If your answer is no, do not sign the SFAA petition.

Are you in favor of a mini-IRS for Nevada? If no vote, do not sign.

Are you in favor of another $20 million plus DMV state computer fiasco? If no, do not sign the petition.

Are you in favor of permanently taking money from higher education for K-12? If no, do not sign.

Are you in favor of another state bureaucracy? If no, do not sign.

Are you in favor of the school bureaucracy receiving millions more with no accountability? If no, do not sign.

Have you signed the petition supporting SFAA?

If yes, write a letter to your registrar of voters requesting that your name be removed.

I'm not opposed to providing the education establishment with the tools to properly teach our children. I am opposed to throwing more money into a bureaucracy with no accountability. The National Education Association and the Nevada State Education Association have adequately demonstrated their inability to educate our children. Let's not give them more unchecked power over Nevada's limited resources.

We already have systems in place to provide funding for education. If more money is needed, let it be accomplished through existing systems where the parents and concerned citizens have at least some semblance of control. We need real accountability not SFAA.




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