Letter: Drivers help make the trip a pleasure

My husband and I rode the new Pride bus today (Aug. 15) from the very nicely located bus stop by Wal-mart in South Carson and we are giving tribute to our bus driver, Scott. And I say "our" bus driver as there were many on the bus and I know they thank Scott also.

It was a stress-free, comfortable and relaxing ride and Scott was very attentive to the heavy traffic, yet made each passenger feel comfortable (from the comments we overheard getting off the bus). Scott's driving was very welcome, and we do have confidence in all Pride bus drivers.

As all of the citizens know, one never forgets their first experience of something new. Ours was on bus number 14816 with Scott as the Pride bus driver. He was so very nice in giving us instructions of how to get to the airport in Reno. Thank you again, Scott, you have paved the way for us and many, many others.

We had a very nice driver all the way. Upon our transfer to a No. 13 Citifare bus, again we experienced a friendly driver. It is so convenient to take the bus. We as well as other citizens in Carson City have high hopes that the Pride bus continues for a very, very long time.

It (a public bus system) has been needed very much for the distance from here in Carson City to Reno. All of Pride bus deserves a tribute, and we thank you. And Nevada Appeal, thank you!


Carson City


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