Letter: Everything is OK, and other stories

Welcome to the "revisiting" of the world of Emperor Calligula et al "Party hardy - everything is OK" or so it seems with the decisions coming out of the Florida Supreme Court. The latest decision of Dec. 8 seems to go against logic not to mention "common law."

In a comical answer to the U.S. Supreme Court order to "vacate" their last decision relating to recounts, they once again ordered a recount to include "all" of Florida's under votes. They went on to state they based it on the authority of the state of Florida's Legislature. What they seem to have forgotten is that they made new law when they moved the cut-off date from Nov. 7 to Nov. 14. They placed the order that all votes must be certified by the 14th (long past).

What I'm wondering is: How can a court of law give back to Florida's Legislature their authority in one breath, then take it away in the next? All I can say is thank God it was a four to three decision. At least three senior judges in the Florida Supreme Court are intelligent. The other four really need to go back to law school. Then again, maybe they should concede, along with Al Gore.

My dream would be for Al Gore, George Bush and the state of Florida all to concede and let our country move on with John McCain at the helm. Then again this would be too logical, it would go against the grain of the Democrat and Republican party agendas - Party hardy, guys! CNN is having a ball.


Virginia City


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