Letter: Few residents show interest in Yucca

The lack of attendance was shocking. Yes, there were 119 registered participants, but only three represented "Joe Public."

What was the event? The summer meeting of the United States Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board.

This high-powered group met in Carson City's Pinion Plaza. The two-day meeting was publicized in both the Reno and Carson City newspapers. The lack of public participation causes one to pause and ask: Are Nevadans really as concerned about nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain as the media lets us believe?

The room was filled with PhDs. Computer modeling experts, volcanism specialists, underground water flow analysts, waste package and drip shield engineers and others reported on their specialties. Their task was to anticipate and predict thousands of years into the future as to what will become of nuclear waste stored in Yucca Mountain.

A daunting project, and probably unnecessary, because the material will likely be removed, reprocessed and used in other applications. Nevertheless, the battle goes on, with little or no proactive thinking by Nevada's political leaders.

It is time, no it is considerably past the time for planning and creative thinking. I urge Governor Guinn to select a small, but representative committee of Nevadans to research and report what Nevada can gain from accepting nuclear materials.

In spite of political commercials stating otherwise, both parties are saying the same thing. Let science determine if Nevada is the "best" place to store the materials. Does anyone doubt the scientific recommendation?

Keep in mind no other site is being studied and Nevada has only four Electoral College votes.

Governor Guinn has the leadership and foresight to anticipate the outcry that will result when Nevada is informed the waste is coming. "Experts" will bemoan the lack of planning on the part of the state.

We can gain compensation in many forms if action is soon taken. Once the edict is handed down, all bets are off. Not a good position for a betting state.




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