Letter: Gang members need to think about families

This is in reference to the article in the Aug. 27 Appeal regarding the Resendiz case. The news articles refer to him as an ex-gang member. How can he be an ex-member if he was partying with the Tokers directly before the tragedy occurred? I am very sorry that his children are hurting. Gang members should think about their families prior to becoming gang bangers.

Jody Hernandez' comments concerning the Toker gang being stomped out is laughable. The Tokers persist in dealing drugs and intimidating young residents of Carson City. We cannot be lulled into a false sense of security merely because the gang's violations of the law are not listed as gang activity in the Nevada Appeal's crime report.

Calling the cops does not help when the sheriff refuses to document or follow up on the crimes committed by the Tokers and the district attorney does not prosecute.

See no Tokers, hear no Tokers, speak no Tokers and the gang bangers vanish like magic. If that were true, our children could go places without fear of being threatened or assaulted.


Carson City


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