Letter: Gore a good man to run China, not the United States

In response to Ms. Larson's letter "Bush is the one - for loggers, nukes" in the Dec. 14 issue of the Nevada Appeal, I think you're wrong. Al Gore would have made a better president.

First we would all have to learn to speak Chinese; second we would have to give up our right to keep and bear arms.

Then the Internet would improve immeasurably, after all he invented it; we could all learn to speak out of both sides of our face and make up or embellish stories to make ourselves look good.

Additionally, we could use Hollywood and the liberal media to influence the voters plus have Jesse Jackson cry racism anytime someone disagrees with us. And finally, we would not have to go to the polls to vote because they would already know what our intent was. They would vote for us ensuring every vote counts for the Democrat on the ticket. After all, Democrats are too stupid to punch the cards properly. Wouldn't that be great?


Carson City


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