Letter: Gore's promise on waste dump is a possible ploy to buy votes

Vice President Al Gore has promised Nevada Democrats that no nuclear waste will be sent to Nevada. Could this possibly be just a ploy to buy votes?

Storage of nuclear waste is not a Democratic or Republican problem, it is a national problem! Our leaders are supposed to solve such problems.

Has anyone heard what Gore's solution is for the problem? Umpteen millions have been spent on the Yucca Mountain project! Clinton and Gore have had over seven years to stop the funding for this project! With the position Gore has taken, it means all of that money will have been wasted.

Some people are very concerned about the transportation of nuclear waste. What they don't seem to realize is that the Department of Transportation will implement extreme safety and security measures that truck shipment of waste will be the safest form of transportation on the highways. Oil, chemical and gasoline tankers will be far more dangerous.

People are being very short-sighted if they prevent the development of a nuclear waste storage site. When oil reserves and natural gas supplies start to run out nuclear power generation will flourish again. Also, if the present trend for fresh water supplies continues, nuclear power will become the most viable means for salt water desalinization. Incidentally, this works well in nuclear submarines.

I have been in all 50 states at least three times, and I can't think of a better place to store nuclear waste than in the remote areas of Nevada.


Carson City


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