Letter: Intersection cameras invade our privacy

Have you noticed the cameras in town on the signal lights? Without the

knowledge or permission of the people? The powers that be want to watch us!

We are told they are for emergency vehicles; well the little dark ones are

for the remote control for emergency vehicles. The tall PEEK video cameras

are to watch us. I have that from two different very reliable sources.

Last month on the front page of the paper we saw a law enforcement officer

monitoring cameras. One was the camera at the intersection of Fairview and Carson Street. It was a large, very clear picture of vehicles crossing the

intersection. What an invasion of privacy!

These cameras cost us $600,000. That is $600,000 we could have used to

complete the 28-year proposed freeway, the same freeway that stopped

construction again recently due to lack of funds!

A freeway would make it safer for the emergency vehicles, so why do we get

$600,000 worth of video cameras? That makes me angry! The funds could have been used for the freeway, to hire more law enforcement officers, or even put signs that are not falling apart at both ends of town; i.e., "Welcome to the Capitol of Nevada."

During my recent phone call to Nevada Department of Transportation, I was informed there was nothing the citizens can do to get these intrusive cameras down. Well, the citizens got their cameras down in Pasadena, Calif., and so can we!

I have written my elected officials. I am writing the editor in hopes other

concerned citizens will write their elected officials and the editor.

As a retired flight attendant, I have driven in many cities across the

country. Never have I observed people driving 28-miles in a 35-mile zone

except here in Carson City. We do not need Big Brother watching!


Carson City


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