Letter: Keeton has ideas for future of Carson City

Why I support candidate for mayor Tom Keeton.

Tom wants Carson City to be the finest city in Nevada.

1. He will be a full-time mayor. He will have no other job to distract him or make him unavailable.

2. He will represent Carson citizens and Carson employees, not special business interests.

3. One top priority is solving the major street and transportation problems before they get worse. This includes regaining top priority for the 395 bypass, for which he has a plan to achieve results.

4. Another major interest is maintaining and improving the beauty of Carson City and its historical areas.

5. He promises to be a hands-on walk-around type mayor, not just to see what people are doing, but to listen to their ideas, and yes in some cases, their gripes. He also plans to be in office five days a week.

6. He promises to be available in the mayor's office, in city hall every Friday from 1 p.m. on, for a gripe session, or to listen to suggestions for city improvement. In addition, he plans to be available all week, either at the office or by communication when other duties interfere.

7. He has stated his support for the school bond issue.

8. Lastly, I agree with Tom Keeton that it is time for a change, not to a part-time mayor, but to Tom who will bring his full time and energy to the office.


Carson City


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