Letter: Library's 'no guns' policy not a solution

I congratulate the Carson City Library for their no weapons policy and also the Nevada Appeal for their prominent exposure of this policy in Monday's edition. I'm sure we in the community will all feel as safe as the people in the Sacramento Social Security office did before Mr. Xioung Tou walked in a fatally shot the security officer. Luckily for the remaining people in the office, Mr. Tou had gotten his fill of shooting people since they were clearly UNARMED and helpless (as usual).

When the nut cases in this world go over the edge, the policies such as the one instituted by Carson City Library will have no effect in stopping the violence. Legitimate holders of CCW's are not the threat to public safety. I applaud the Legislature for passing the Concealed Carry law and for those honest citizens who have taken the effort to secure a permit for themselves. Only the truly blind and stupid would equate the holders of CCW's with the mentally unbalanced crazys who wreak such havoc in these public places. I do however, think that places such as court houses or police stations should not allow the carrying of firearms by private citizens.




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