Letter: Media ignoring ideas of other candidates

I have always thought that informing the public was your main mission. It appears that in this primary election you, along with the other major media outlets, have decided that the party favorites are the only candidates that deserve attention. Well, my name is Richard Hamzik, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. I ,along with a number of others, have decided to run for political office to effect change.

We, like most everyone else, are tired of "politics as usual." Most of us do not have the experience, staff or financing to run the typical campaign. However, we are still trying to alert the public to our efforts. One would think that political "reporters" would seek out all the available information about their particular races/subjects. It appears that most "reporters" are ivory tower journalists who are the willing accomplices of the status quo. I have been traveling around the state and there are more people than not that are unhappy with the establishment parties anointed choices. When the media complains about apathy, lack of excitement or new ideas, they need only to look in the mirror.

The only honesty and new approaches are offered by the candidates that are running to effect positive change and not just to

land an elitist career. It is in the primary election where the caring citizens put themselves on the line to do their civic duty. I would suggest the media spend more time and effort to find out the reasons they do and inform the public of such. Otherwise, very little will change. The political rhetoric will carry on, but the results will be few and far between.


Republican candidate for U.S. Senate



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