Letter: Not everybody shares rosy government feeling

I'm always amazed at people who possess intelligence but completely lack common sense. I guess they simply bury their heads in the sand far enough that their eyes can't see what's going on in the real world.

Susan Paslov is a local retired attorney who wrote an article Aug. 30 in which she declares those who distrust government as not being rational and suffering from "fear and ignorance."

Paslov certainly has the right to her opinion but opposing views, and the people who hold them, are just as valuable and should not be ridiculed. Not everyone is a bleeding heart liberal.

One of her examples was Carson City's traffic problem which she says is probably simply a result of "our love of travel" rather than bad planning by inept officials.

She feels regulation of guns won't interfere with ownership and those who express doubt about government's actions as being "uncomfortable with peace since we are not at war" and if one's view differs from hers - they are not "thoughtful and caring about important issues." If one doesn't tiptoe through the daisies, she views them as expecting "black helicopters" at any moment.

She continues her Pollyanna view of the world, dismissing anyone who questions authority as "conspiracy theorists" who need to be neutralized by the rational silent majority.

If we don't look at the world the way it really is instead of how we wish it could be - then we are setting ourselves up to be controlled. Only when ALL points of view are considered, can we decide on the best plan of action for the majority.

As a Winchester, I'm a "straight shooter" but that certainly doesn't make me a consiracy theory zealot; it simply makes me a realist. The right to express different views is, after all, what our Founding Fathers had in mind in order to protect individual rights.


Carson City


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