Letter: People need to make change at ballot box

There wasn't much response to the Sept. 6 Two Cents column. I know that I wanted to leave a message, but they don't leave you enough time to say what I have to say. So I am writing in today.

Neil Weaver was reported to say about voter apathy, "It's enough to make you vomit," but I'm reminded of the lyrics of a David Byrne song, "Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was." I believe that he has received the same epiphany that I had several years ago only I didn't have to spend a pile of money and lose an election to get it.

Karl Neathammer wrote in his last offering that citizens have a "responsibility to vote" and I believe this much is true. I voted this time as I always have since I've been old enough to do so. But I am no longer under the illusion that it's going to make any difference simply because even the paltry portion of people who do turn out to vote are either fully indoctrinated party faithfuls, lack the foresight to see that serious changes need to be made or lack the courage to vote for change. Until these things change, we are doomed.

This two-party political system that we have is a farce. They control the money and the media and demand total allegiance to the party. It's the only reason why Clinton wasn't impeached. No individual running for office, receiving financial assistance from individuals, corporate or their political party can vote against the wishes or interests of these contributors and expect to receive support next election season. This is how it really works, and until we change the way that we elect people in this country, nothing will change.

As for me, I will keep voting for anyone entering a race who is from outside the system whom I perceived as not being part of the problem. As for the 57 percent of registered voters in Carson who didn't vote, your choice has already been made for you. You'll be getting more of the same. I hope you're happy with your few acres of sagebrush downwind from the sewer plant (open space). It's likely to be all you have left when that dog and pony show leaves town.




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