Letter: Petition passers need to read amendment

As I approached the entrance to Wal-mart on Monday, Ii was asked to sign a petition that would give "needed money to Nevada's schools." They said signing the petition would put it on the ballot and stated it's for smaller classes and computers for the classes.

I asked if they were aware that all funds raised would be subject to collective bargaining and they responded that they weren't.

I asked them if they were aware it would create a state internal revenue agency and they said it wouldn't. They said we (the state) passed a law years ago against state income tax. I explained that Section II of the petition makes the Nevada Department of Taxation a mini IRS. I told them I have read it and if they are going to collect signatures, they should also.

Another provision required 50 percent of all state projected income must be dedicated to schools. This means that if taxes must be raised, they would go up double the amount needed because 50 percent of our revenue will be earmarked forever. Now it is 35 percent. Guess where this would come from? You got it, from you and me.

The 4 percent tax on business would also be passed on to us, the consumer.

If you signed this petition, you can call the county recorder and have your signature removed.




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