Letter: Reasons to support Keeton for mayor

It is my privilege to be involved with a number of "think tanks" at campaign time.

Based on what I have read, learned, observed and thought through, I am supporting Tom Keeton for mayor of Carson City at this election.

1. He has been attending Board of Supervisor meetings and other Carson City government meetings regularly and knows what is or isn't being done, first hand.

2. He's not beholden to friends, family members, business associates in Carson City. The funds for his campaign come out of his own pocket.

3. He has long-time business experience that would be an asset to the thinking, planning and executing plans for the future of Carson City. He has the training and experience to bring new and sound ideas to Carson City, to streamline and make more efficient and effective works now in progress.

4. As a retiree, he would give his full attention to the function of mayor, the needs of the community, a ready listening ear to all levels within our town.

Recently, I had as house guest the mayor of a town, in another state, comparable to Carson City. He knows and emphatically stated that it is no longer possible to hold down a full-time job and do the position of mayor justice. He pointed out that it is important to work with mayors from many communities, to learn how the approach problems, to develop joint, beneficial projects, to conserve funds by renting equipment or facilities that another town may have available. He stated it was often, on occasion and on short notice, important to be in Washington, D.C. conferring with Congressional representatives of interests vital to a local community. He felt that no matter how generous an employer might be in allowing time off, he could not do a well-honed job for either and was turning down a request to seek a third term.

5. Yes, Tom Keeton is a newcomer. For healthy growth, we need new thinking and observations about our community to blend with the mix of those on the board who are acquainted with our community. When Tom and Kay selected our town to retire in after studying and visiting many other towns in the U.S., they immediately involved themselves in civic and church activities. They often express their love of this town and how impressed they are with past achievements and its potential.

6. He knows the importance of and how to achieve efficient and effective work at a minimum cost, to delegate to encourage staff to do their best with sound leadership.

7. He does not run on past personal achievements. His stated number one priority is the concerns and hope of all Carson City residents and how they relate to the city.

8. He appreciates the historic background, the cultural and recreational interests, the educational needs of both those growing up and those needing advanced training on their jobs and understands the relationships that are important to Carson City as a capital city, having worked with all levels of government.

When you have an opportunity to do so, I urge you to contact Tom Keeton as well as the other candidates for mayor and then decide who best qualifies to continue to make Carson City a fine place to live with high hope for an even better future.


Carson City


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