Letter: Republicans should vote for best person

Your Wednesday edition of the Appeal had a story on the front page titled, "Descending vote ends Republican's membership." I read the story and was appalled at what was written.

For 32 years, while living in Southern California, I was registered and voted as a Republican. Coming back to Nevada and having voted as a Republican for Bill Clinton, I registered as a Democrat. I was totally fed up with the Republicans, their point of view, their politics, and what they "said" they stood for. This article has convinced me that I have done the right thing.

After watching our Nevada Republican party in action and their support of our current Nevada administration and a new senator, I can understand why we have unqualified people in office. The people who criticized Mrs. Bennett for supporting the person she felt was most qualified for the job are the same ones who have indicated, by your article, play our way or don't play at all. Wasn't that the way the Communist Party worked?

The Republicans have given us G.W. Bush and the Democrats gave us Al Gore. As I sit and write this, it seems it's anyone's guess who may come out the winner. It's my personal opinion that neither one is qualified for the job. Yes, I did vote for Gore, because he was the lesser of two evils. This is also the first year I have voted for all Democrats.

I usually vote for those I feel are most qualified. None of the Republican candidates impressed me that much.

Just because a person has all the money to run for office does not qualify him to be there. This country seems to base everything on the all-mighty dollar when it comes to putting people in office. Ask yourself where do they get the money and which corporations and special interest groups are dumping the money in there? We should follow Canada's election procedures.

Mrs. Bennett, I applaud you for your choice to pick the most qualified person for office.




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