Letter: Restaurant column overlooked fine ones

Sometimes elder statesman, sometimes curmudgeon Bob Thomas writes about many things going on in Carson City. I agree with some and disagree with others which of course is my right (As I am a person who is on the political right.) However, when it comes to food he is not the only expert in town.

Unfortunately for me to prove this point, I probably outweigh Bob by over 100 pounds, the result of many dining excursions in Carson City and elsewhere. (I agree with him about the cruises. I haven't tried the Crystal lines yet, a little too pricey for me.)

So with that in mind I take exception to his article about the "mediocre fare being offered by most of today's dining establishments."

Of course the glaring exception to Bob's article is the world famous Adele's Restaurant. I have to admit that my budget does not allow me to frequent Charlie's diner as often as I would like, but make no mistake, for me this is always the choice on special occasions.

Some other great places are the Carson Station Grill, Red's 395, Stanley's Roadhouse, Silvana's, China East. My favorite for Basque is the Overland for lamb steaks. The Carson Station Restaurant is where you will find me every Tuesday night enjoying Chef Paul's specials; try the rib eye steak or prime rib, ummmm good. Oh, I almost forgot Bodines for ribs although Reds 395 will give them a run for the money, if you can get in that is. For Mexican I go to the little place at the west end of the airport and to the Micasa Too. For burgers Dayton Depot as well as Mo and Sluggos and Juicy's, but now here I go getting un-gourmet!

Gosh I just love to eat. Does this take me out of the high-end diners in town? What about Cracker Box for breakfast? Good grief this just proves my innermost fear that I will forget some deserving food establishment.

Having been in all facets of this business I know only too well the heartaches, headaches and backaches that go into serving the public food for a living, one of the toughest businesses in the world. In the old days there was an 80 percent mortality rate for beginning restauranteers. So maybe I am just a frustrated self-appointed critic of restaurant food, but in closing, no one would argue the point that I do love to eat. Know why a gourmet has such a good personality? Because he's too fat to fight or run.

Let's hear about your favorite place?


Carson City


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