Letter: Roundabout is city's game of chicken

Having been gone most of the month of July, I was very surprised to drive through the world's most expensive four-way stop, which soon became the $205,000 roundabout. However, it is now the Carson City "chicken game" again as soon as the stop signs came down.

Who designed the width of the lanes? Didn't the designer realize how many people in Carson City drive full-size trucks and cars? The lane width is for compact cars.

Down on Highway 395, the city is putting in the traffic signal that should have been on Fifth and Edmonds. Isn't it strange that there wasn't enough money to ensure the safety of the citizens at a busy intersection, but there is enough money to help a "big box" private enterprise store.

When everybody thinks about all that sales tax revenue Carson City is so anxious to spend, too bad that revenue, per law, will be split with the other northern counties.


Carson Valley


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