Letter: Shocked that I-580 would be a priority

I, too, am as shocked as thousands of others that this recent idea of building the I-580 Galena extension before the Carson City bypass would even be seriously considered. It would be unconscionable.

I have lived in Carson City 35 years, and for at least 20 years, we have needed a bypass. We have watched most of the highway money funneled to Las Vegas and Reno all these years. What other city in Nevada has taxed itself for $20 million and still going, in hope of relieving the bottleneck through Carson City?

We have been very fortunate that a logging truck, a toxic chemical or a gasoline semi have not caused a terrible accident downtown as they run yellow lights.

As Senator Amodei has stated, it takes longer to get through Carson City than from the Mount Rose intersection to Carson City. The complete bypass should be done as soon as possible, rather than just half of it. It would improve the traffic flow so much that we may not even need I-580.

Let's do something for our capital city for once.


Carson City


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