Letter: Slow down, or realize the consequences

It is sad when contacting the Sheriff's Office gets you nothing. Contacting your ward supervisors you get nothing. You contact the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Governor, again nothing. So you contact the public, and hopefully something positive will happen.

"What is a minute of your time to save a life..."

For example, on Northridge between Roop and Lompa, living on the corner, I experience the excessive amount of cars that go way too fast down this road. Kids are out playing, riding bikes, learning to roller blade, walking their dogs and I cringe as speeding traffic goes by. Last night, someone attempted to pass me as I was making a right hand turn and almost hit an oncoming car.

In an attempt to pacify the neighborhood, a test was conducted finding 75 percent of the cars speed, as much as doing 60 mph in a 25 mph zone. I know how much you lose when you exceed the speed limit in residential areas, and I want you to somewhat understand the feeling.

It's 9:30 p.m., two days before Christmas, the phone rings, the caller is informing you that there has been an accident. "Where is my son?" expecting to hear Washoe Medical, Saint Mary's. What you get is "FitzHenry's."

One word and your life ends, everything goes dark, a black hole is permanently put in your chest where your heart was. Cry. You never stop. You're no longer planning for Christmas, there will be no more birthday parties, graduation, never a wedding. Instead, you're planning a service, the final goodbye. No more hugs or small talk. You ask yourself, did I tell him I love you enough? His face can only be seen by closing your eyes. The laugh is gone, his room is full of memories and you can't even begin to handle the pain as you pack it up.

A younger brother is left behind whose world revolved around his older brother. He drops out of school, never leaving his safe home in fear of being killed. All dreams of a future are gone. One moment of speeding and several lives were destroyed.

As a society, we feel if it doesn't affect us, we don't care. I ask you to please slow down in residential areas so that you're not affected in what could destroy your life and others not counting a life that could be ended.

My son is gone forever. I can only tell you it is a pain you don't want anyone or yourself to bear. Please slow down.


Carson City


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