Letter: Specter appears to be Rev. Jackson

I spend as much time as possible each summer in the great Nevada outback, camping, hiking and taking photos of the magnificent scenery. I go with several other folks who enjoy the same things. The last couple of years, we have had a puzzling phenomenon happen when we try to take photos. If three or more of our cameras were pointed at the same object, a mystery figure materialized in front of our camera lenses. While this apparition had every right to be where he was, as we were usually on public land, he did get in the way. We solved the problem by not pointing more than two cameras at the same time.

Being basically house-bond in the winter, I have spent considerable time lately watching the Florida Fiasco, and I have been able to identify our mystery man! He is none other than the Rev. Jackson! After watching his antics, I believe the Rev. stands for Revolution. Could it be that his friend Algore has figured out a way to clone the Rev., making it possible for him to be so many places at the same time?

Speaking of Algore (you know, he is the one who invented the Internet, Love Story and Global Warming), I hope he also invented a thermostat for Global Warming, and that on his way out the door in January, he will turn that thermostat up a couple of degrees. Think of all the fossil fuel that would save. Al says he didn't invent fossil fuel, and hasn't come up with a replacement for it, but will be working on that in his spare time after January. I hope he succeeds, as I am getting tired of paying for that other nasty stuff.

I thought you might be interested in all of this.

Happy holidays to y'all


Carson City


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