Letter: Summing up Carson's eateries in few words

How can you describe the network of food in Carson in a few words? Highlights only.

Best price and very good food - Horseshoe Casino.

Best burger now that the Penguin is gone - U.S. Sub Base on Highway 50. Maybe the best sub sandwich also. He washes his hands after each order.

Basque Deli - Best menu.

Pops BBQ - Very good breakfast, seasoned potatoes, smoked bacon. Check this one out.

Joaquin Muriettas - Always pleased with their food; tastes like Tequila Dans.

Best pizza - Papa Murphy's. You have to cook it, but it's well worth it.

Short ribs at Nugget.

Red's 395 - my next stop.

And take time to check out Cheers. Worth the hunt.

Gone but not forgotten: Doug's East Indies, Hagles, Bobby Chew's Chinese, Fibber McGees, Lee Veccharelli's Italian Restaurant, Steamers (stone building by K-Bar), The Duck in, Bandana Drive-in and Carousel Drive-in.


Carson City


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