Letter: Target shooters leaving trash behind

To the target shooters on Thursday, Aug. 3, between Mound House and Eagle Valley Golf Course.

It would be nice if you would not leave your trash on the side of the hill like the soft drink can and the water bottle, the .22 shell box and all the shotgun shells.

There is a gun range over by the landfill for target shooting and a trap shoot place just west of the west golf course. I know the place you were is public land but target shooters have started grass fires north of Reno.

I was always taught if I could take stuff into the back country, I sure could take it home with me. If you want to trash your own yard, that is your business, but where you were is my yard and every other resident of Nevada's yard. I hope if you do it again I will see you and I will turn you in for littering.


Carson City


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