Letter: Taxes don't match service in Washoe

I have just received my 2000-2001 tax bill from the county treasurer and cannot believe that once again my tax bill has gone up without any assessments or home improvements made. I have been here in Washoe Valley since 1990, and my tax bill has almost tripled. We in this valley have no sewers, no lighting and no water as we are all on wells. County services here are also very limited and one has to wait for something needed, except for fire service, which is excellent.

They are just slowly pricing the Washoe County homeowner out and this valley is becoming unaffordable to the average worker. My taxes are over $1,200 now and this area just does not reflect that amount.

Nevada county and city fathers should take warning and remember what was done in California to lower the extreme cost of taxes. I was one who voted on Prop. 13 in California, which was tax relief for the homeowners. The only answer they have here is to raise our taxes instead of spending the money more wisely.

So wake up and take the pork out of your spending or the taxpayers, who are actually your employers in a roundabout way, will do it for you.


Washoe Valley


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